SD Media Launcher / Action replay

This guide should work with both SD Media Launcher and Action replay

Required Materials

  • Action Replay / SD Media Launcher Disc
  • SD Gecko(NOT an SD2SP2)
  • Non-SDHC SD card(2gb or less, these are hard to find and a bit pricy when you do)
  • Swiss’s AUTOEXEC.DOL found in the ActionReplay folder


  1. Format your SD Card to FAT32
  2. Copy AUTOEXEC.DOL to the root of the sd card(the root is the top level directory)
  3. Plug your SD Card into your SD Gecko
  4. Plug your SD Gecko into memory card port B
  5. Insert the AR Disc into your gamecube and turn it on
  6. You should see the AR screen flash and then swiss load. From here you can load homebrew from your SD Gecko or SD2SP2