Fan Replacement


  • GameBit screwdriver (see disassembly)
  • Philips screwdriver (see disassembly)
  • 3D printer (or you can buy the part from a printing service online)
  • A soldering iron
  • Replacement connector
    • The Connector needs to be adapted, since the fan you buy probably wont have the proper connector
    • This can also be harvested from the stock gamecube fan if you dont want to keep it

Follow the disassembly until you have removed the fan bracket.


After removing the fan bracket you have two choices, the 40mm bracket, which works with 40mm fans (including noctua), or the 50mm bracket, which works with 50mm fans(currently, noctua doesn’t offer one, but there are 50mm fan’s available).

  • 50mm fan Download
    • The 50mm fan bracket is larger, as it replaces the entire mounting part for the fan. As such it takes longer to 3D print. 50mm bracket installed inside cube
  • 40mm fan Download
    • The 40mm bracket is smaller and fits inside the stock bracket, since it’s just an adapter for the stock mounting bracket. This means less print time, but the fan does have to be smaller and can’t move as much air. 40mm bracket installed inside cube