Different Models

The gamecube has two distinct models (not including development units), these are the DOL-001 and DOL-101.

To check that, you need to rotate your GameCube to get the sticker with the serial number.

Serial Sticker


  • This is probably the “best” model to have. It has the digital output port, a removable gem, and most(early) units have a serial port 2
    • though the later ones you can solder the SP2-port in if you want


  • This is the later revision of the hardware, you can still homebrew it but you miss on some features of the hardware
    • notably an easy internal hdmi mod/hdmi adapter, SD2SP2, though the SD2SP2 can still be soldered on but is much more difficult, and will be covered in the hardware modding section.
  • ODE’s, Save Game Exploits, and SDGecko’s still work all the same